How Does SharkStopper® Work?

Development of SharkStopper products began with the premise that sharks are affected by sounds. We knew that certain sounds, such as those made by injured prey, attract sharks, so we investigated whether sounds could also be used to repel sharks.

Sharks have an inner ear made up of three semicircular canals. Inside each canal are four sensory areas, responsible for both balance and sound perception. Sharks hear (or interpret) sounds with frequencies ranging from 10Hz to 1kHz, and are especially responsive to sounds 500Hz or lower.

With this knowledge we conducted field tests around the world and found a particular frequency range and modulation that is effective against sharks. The species that were repelled include but are not limited to; great white, bull, tiger, hammerhead, black tip, lemon, nurse, sand and Caribbean reef sharks.

After hearing that scientists used orca whale sounds with some success against silky sharks in the 1970’s, we tested the call of killer whales to see if those calls would repel sharks. When the sounds proved successful we combined the orca sounds with our modulated frequency and created the perfect sound to repel sharks.

Next we miniaturized our invention to be small enough for a child and adult to wear but large enough to produce the decibel level required to repel sharks. The final step was to encase the electronics in an ergonomically designed eco-friendly durable plastic.

Features include a sensor that automatically turns the device on and off, a rechargeable battery that provides up to four hours of protection, and a warning vibration to alert users the battery charge is getting low.

Here at SharkStopper we are proud to announce that we will be offering our device to the public this year. Add to your favorites and check back for updates.